Catalina Solutions LLC

Access, equity, education, and resilience

Catalina Solutions builds community for the future. Think smart, sustainable solutions that improve accessibility in communications, and help to defend and restore ecological systems.


  • Founded in 2009, Catalina Solutions works to create, grow, and sustain strong, resilient communities. Primary focuses include accessible communication and urban sustainability.

  • Since 2011, Catalina Solutions has operated TypeWell, providing speech-to-text communication access for individuals who are D/deaf or hard-of-hearing.


  • Kate Ervin is the founder of Catalina Solutions and the Executive Director of TypeWell. Kate’s areas of expertise include real-time communication access (making classroom education accessible to all students) and environmental science/planning (protecting and restoring natural systems). She is a professional transcriber and teacher of transcription. Kate also holds a Masters of Urban Planning from Hunter College with specialization in Environmental Management.


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